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tv   [untitled]    September 15, 2012 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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the anger of muslim protestors in response to an american film mocking is. more countries as demonstrations rage for a fifth day. washington races to say facing contain a scandal which ignited a powder keg of anti-american sentiment that according to opinion polls has been brewing for years. and after a summer break russia's opposition comes together once again put in smaller numbers and with public sector workers joining the rallies for the first time.
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international news and come and live from new center here in moscow this is r.t. with twenty four hours a day fierce anti-american protest by muslims have continued to spring up on their fifth straight day demonstrations spread to new countries and continents in response to u.s. made film. is across the latest about and that's. the situation remains extremely volatile with western leaders and middle eastern leaders urging for calm the united states has beefed up its security in overseas missions that have been reinforcements to the capital yemenite city of samarra at the same time a quest to send its marines to be capital city of cops in the sudan was rejected by authorities there they say that they can deal with the security situation by themselves from libya we are hearing and of course this is where the american ambassador and three other high ranking u.s. stopping the killed some very fearing that for the grace have been made we have no
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information at this stage as to the identities of those arrested but we are hearing that an announcement regarding these of race will be made soon both the united states and libyan authorities are pointing at al qaida they say that the attack has the fingerprints of al qaida and al qaeda has released a statement and although it doesn't take responsibility directly for this attack in benghazi it has feared that the attack was in response to the killing of all kind is number two by u.s. drones at the same time we're also hearing that the f.b.i. has responded visit to libya to deal with the investigation because of security concerns in my country now also on saturday there were demonstrations in the capital from city of paris where the demonstrations were taking place near the american consulate there have also been demonstrations in belgium and some american protesters very clashed with police and as i mentioned earlier demonstrations also
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taking place in yemen the greater the you know cool client that has scored for more protests and also more killings of american staff members on saturday believe one of the shots fired in yemen during clashes to prevent the crowds of protesters from the to the american embassy there were also being demonstrations in sydney australia where the police used tear gas to expire at crowds we know. that the muslim population in australia is the next increase the same but anger there is bubbling over i mean there were demonstrations in livin on somalia iraq. and turkey so as you see this and high school it across the whole region in the united states who believed creator of this film is not cool at best and he has been taken in by miracle parties for questioning now he has said that he does not look great making this film although he does with great loss of life but we are hearing that he is considering releasing the full version of the film and certainly the demonstrations
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here in cairo have lost momentum right now it is essentially a mop up operation but as i'm speaking to you he speak to me as are still cleaning up the degree the glass the rocks and the stones that are left over from the last few days of my saying the united states and egypt are traditionally close partners it does seem as if this relationship is very rocky at the moment the last word we heard from president barack obama is that he does not consider egypt and i while at the same time he does not consider them an enemy. doctors treat. dean of the school of international affairs believe that people should search do you put up for the root cause of the protests. but producer don't know where in australia or in foreign countries which are obvious from the epicenter of the arab spring region i think those are more spontaneous but libya egypt yemen these are like post evolutionary societies and this is weird you have seen the brunt of the islands and
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the skill of the previous seven brothers hike and i do these are politically orchestrated by local actors who are being backed by some of these rich donors from these don't want to be smaller also behind the edge and dollar to assad in syria so i see this as a you know in many ways an extension of the proxy war that's going on c.d.o. we're so efficient extreme fundamentalist and we don't need in the name of calling the assad regime this seems selfies are no money for student loans environment and reactionary manner do outrank you feel that you have been ignored it is a connection you know these you cannot separate dream we need to look at it in all of it to get the right car. where we're also closely following the violence that continues to unfold throughout the arab world on our website at r.t. dot com and with the protest timeline and in-depth analysis plus the profile of the man reportedly behind the scandalous anti muslim film you can log on to find out more at r.t. dot com.
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washington struggling to contain the scandal condemning the controversial film while calling for calm but that is going to reports the anti american fury has deeper roots than the reaction to a clip on you tube. as angry mobs in muslim countries stormed u.s. embassies and burned american flags the u.s. president delivers yet another speech about how good america's intentions were really are and have been in the muslim world america's a friend that we care not just about our own country about just about our own interests but about their. that even as voices of suspicion and mistrust seek to divide countries and cultures from one another the united states of america will never retreat from the world. we will never stop working for the dignity and freedom that every person deserves it could be that the obama administration thinks
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by supporting revolutions by fostering regime change washington is winning the hearts and minds of the people in that part of the world but recent events showed that's not quite so if you look at poll numbers that gauge public attitude towards the u.s. in different muslim countries u.s. approval rating is the same as it was under president george w. bush in some countries like pakistan it's much worse and these numbers have nothing to do with the infamous film but they do have something to do with us policies you know we can react any kind of purple finger revolution we want people to have democracy and have freedom but at the end of the day when we look at the results of what's been accomplished over two decades of being in this region destabilizing the region we have hundreds of millions of people who have it in a lot of cases had their world turned upside down and in many cases they've had relatives that have been killed in this process and we're building a enemy's towards this country and you know it i think that there's a need for a major wake up call in the west especially the united states the way the
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administration is trying to somehow contain the blowback over this same type islamic film is by bashing the film and saying that they to find it disgusting but now it's clear to pretty much everyone that it's not just about the film this rage against the united states has been brewing for a while and it seems it needed just us bark to blow up and the film tragically provided that spark need ministrations soothing words about democracy don't seem to help much in putting out the flames of rage now sweeping across the arab world in washington i'm going to. george kenney a former american foreign service officer doesn't believe the u.s. is backing genuine democracy in the arab spring spring states. a large part of the problem is that the protesters are poor they're on happy they would like to have a better situation for their lives and that puts the u.s. in something of a dilemma because here we are we're supporting saudi arabia we're supporting bahrain where we're giving some rhetorical support to the so-called arab spring but
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is it the case that we're really supporting economic justice genuine democracy in these countries i don't think that case has been made and so. if the us work to genuinely support the aspirations of the of the poor and the struggling middle class in these countries then there what we would have other problems in the consistency of our policy with regard to these these regimes that were supporting for or for other reasons for oil and so forth so it would put us in a very difficult situation to be honest i'm skeptical that that hillary clinton or this administration is up to that challenge. the u.s. made film is also offended the muslim community here russia which makes up around fifteen percent of the population however new protests rallies are being held in the country some of russia's muslim officials have condemned the anti american riots the head of russia's republic of chechnya says violence will not be tolerated
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. however criticize the film stressing that those behind it of the ones responsible for the killing of innocents by angry protests. russia's opposition has gathered its first major demonstration following this summer break however in much smaller numbers than seen previously and for the first time the anti-government movement is joined by public sector workers. police say this rally was attended by up to twelve thousands of protesters opposition leaders say it's tens of thousands but i can tell you if it was water rise to be
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held until ten pm moscow time the majority of the protesters a left before that despite the calls from one of the more radical leaders of the opposition said gale's eyes off for them for the people not to leave at least before ten pm we've heard be different demands today ranging from social related issues away to freeze the tariffs for utility bills and to raise the salaries of social sector workers to political demands like early presidential and parliamentary elections there's also been a lot of criticism of several new laws we should been passed to recently like the one on foreign agents which basically obliges n.g.o.s with foreign sponsors to be under a special government control and also the one aimed at protecting children from potentially harmful content in the media which many here people say that that new form of censorship if we talk about who attended this rally then they do represent
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completely different movements and ideas from kids to ultra nationalists communists socialists democrats gay rights activists and environmentalists and it's highly unlikely that they would be able to meet anywhere else so rallies like this are a great platform for all of them to be able to voice their personal views freely. and political analyst alexander says opposition leaders don't provide their supporters with the clarity and motivation needed to unite them. speaking about the number of the demonstrators we already seen. in the. keep waiting. and why. is that despite all the rules and regulations that have to be very spirits'. people on the very motivation that brings people into the streets and those people who really need to be motivated the mole. the agenda. the
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national leave. and so on and liberals. talking to people asking for different things is all we can use it in the growth of the population because they. are the opposition. they are very very mix you see teachers who see students we see nationalists and they need to be given. rather than a. slogan sometimes victorian age. most of them had the right to tweet freely. put that out there for the general public so. it's going to be used against one course you know we shouldn't said it was going to incriminate himself that's his own fault. twitter is forced to surrender private records to a court we also people in the city if they're concerned about their own internet
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freedom. well that's still to come but first tens of thousands of spaniards have marched through the streets of madrid in protest against a new wave of a sturdy measures the government is due to announce a fresh set of spending cuts by the end of the month well from all on the subject let's now talk live to talk to put it to these political analysts in rome if spain does indeed also for a new rescue package and there is talk of a potential bailout what impact will it have on the confidence of the euro considering the positive reaction by the markets to the to the latest move. i think that spain is a detail in watch. financial recall quality is really would like to do and what we are doing is extracting value in order to cover a number of us that's which are very. which have a very no guaranteed to be repaid does is the name of the game now what the
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spaniards are doing is trying to resist the virt sought or forced expropriation without doing a serious debt audit everybody talks about spending reviews or cuts but no one really looks into the debt in how it has been formed by whom and here they think that that must be you know much more serious european political action instead of just saying yes or paying blindly that sort of debts are you saying the nature of the spanish debt is is very different to what we've seen for example in greece and portugal i think that all the countries who are under financial are called you know quite disparagingly piigs in reality have different compositions of debt and this debt has never been seriously analyzed and they think
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that if this is done well a number of bunks will be forced to shut down because their policies will be exposed and these are not exactly you know ethical or just you know transparent policies in managing money so whatever the nature of the debts bailouts and austerity measures are they the answer to deal with it. no not really because bailouts are just one side of the coin and the other is avoiding the sell alts of importance national. because people say you must just you know give up money in order to review the debt and all stereotyped measures should be at least equitable entier as we see also very clearly in italy you know middle class and people below that sort of class or i would say social structure pay
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a lot but rich people don't pay really their own share and this is also one of the reasons why you have these big public deficits because taxes have been a favored more rich people than ordinary people and that's why we're seeing the anger the protests obviously in barcelona recently now in madrid as well where we're seeing the political nature developing how how should governments react to this and what indeed are the implications on governments who ignore those who are calling against austerity measures. where the risks to to live an arab situation you know what has happened the other side of the mediterranean is not so far from what we are living here through these so-called a steady measures at least one sided austerity measures also in italy and i suspect also in other countries under financial in terms of that have been economic suicide
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it's and there's something which has been of course told by the press but you know past quite quickly in order to underline you know you have to pay pay pay and pay. go so i think that this is the risk that these governments are running against in a rather. short time because when people are caught. they exhaust the patience and they will resort to all sorts more violent protests what is the answer here some are saying let's have a default surely a default means. they'll be so many people owed money if the eurozone doesn't simply pay back its debts and default and what then revert to original currencies what is the answer just briefly do you think of this is to say just to default or to revert to national currency is pua demagoguery. you have to you know pay
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selectively you have to let their responsible for that disaster you know in europe you have a number of financial conglomerates were speculating quite freely and then you have to say you credit in your own finance this is a difficult balance but it's not impossible and the other thing is to negotiate the debt which is always been made but for this you need to be at least united among the countries under financial attack and this doesn't happen because each god think that it can't save itself alone we are not the greenies we spaniards are not the irish and so on this is you know pure nonsense all the other explanation is these governments are so much condition by financial interests that they just say yes yes and this is what people ordinary people are living through. ok let's under
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political and strategic analyst joining me live there in rome thank you very much indeed for your thoughts thanks to you. britain is investigating a scandal involving oil traders and city speculators who allegedly rigged markets to hike pump prices this summer whistleblower say that drops in oil prices aren't being passed on to consumers the soaring cost of petrol and diesel a new case or uproar among people already struggling with the country's double dip recession under the british campaign their fuel u.k. says the country's economic hardship is directly related to the all costs. there is actually very. well. many families there are having to choose between food and actual diesel in the car or their small wound it really that bad prices are now almost back at rest for the whole of the petrol and diesel are all keeping which we present to the u.k. government is that high petulant diesel prices are one of the major called that the
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economy has slipped back into recession. and actually huge if families are having to spend nearly eight you know ninety pounds sterling to show back how are they simply cannot spend on all the other things that make the economy moving. in america the empty corporate occupy movements aiming to surge back into the headlines on its first anniversary activists are running support for demonstrations in new york before they plan to descend on wall street once again on monday the movement spread across the u.s. last year with mass rallies against economic inequality taking place in dozens of cities police cracked down on several demonstrations tear gas and making thousands of arrests victims tent camps from public parks activist i talked to a little earlier on r.t. he believes the anti corporate movement may take new forms but it's here to stay. i would say without a doubt if one looks at the world right now one looks at what's happening in the
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middle east in spain greece everywhere there's a confrontation going on against the one percent so the idea that somehow the u.s. is exceptional and it's just a small passing phase i mean the u.s. is part of the world capitalist economy the economy is in a state of collapse profits rule and we just get more as we just foreclosures we just get mass unemployment get all this. is not utilized for. solute we're going to see it may take on a different character you know organized labor that's chicago and the teacher strike that maybe more prominent than it was in the early days of occupy wall street but there's going to be more confrontations as the system dies. the battle between twitter and the authorities for access to the records of an occupy wall street activist attracted why detention with many saying prosecutors are violating privacy laws written or helping us hit the streets of new york to find out how people there really feel about their virtual freedoms.
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a manhattan judge has ordered twitter to release the tweets of an occupy wall street protester and those tweets are expected to be used against him in a criminal trial is that an invasion of his privacy and right free speech this week let's talk about that so let's say it was a terrorist saying ok let's go attack somebody what it was it was it was an american expressing his views. you know just trying to get his message out there ok some would call him a terrorist and the person that you might think is a terrorist might feel like they're just expressing them their needs and what they're frustrated but. i don't know it's we always seem to be you know. giving you information that you haven't been revealed yet or broadcast yet so i appreciate that about twitter and hope it never stops because he's put out there for the general public so. it's going to be used against him in court you know we shouldn't set it you know he's going to incriminate himself that's his own fault
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that what you say under free speech is so it should still be subject to law yet if i go on television and tell everybody how to avoid cops or to commit a crime and get away with it and do it on television you know smile faults i think the most interesting thing about twitter is if the internet is not journalism but writing is going to start to save more of a hold than it probably needs to be treated similar sue newspaper ads or other things that might be written in print media and so i'm not sure if twitter should give it up. if they want to start to grow i think they might have to do what about that person's right to their own tweets and their privacy depends how serious the matter is i think yeah i think. that line do you trust the government to draw that line i don't know if you don't want to in the public you don't put it out on. public do you know what cave it is so yeah it's kind of a canvas screaming out
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a window if you're posting it on the internet. so things like most people agree because social media is taking on a more important role in social justice change and counterculture the laws around social media are going to have to evolve as well. when big business arrives in a small town the promise of employment and opportunity is never far behind but when the dream turns so it's often the little people who are left to pick up the pieces or one indian community who are refusing to back down. it's one of the most serene and sacred places in india me i'm gary hills home to the dong tribe three years thousands of tribal people here have been relocated by a london based conglomerate the vedanta group it wanted to mine into mountains considered sacred to extract the aluminum or box a for use in its refineries
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specially built nearby but the social and environmental costs have been high. income source with people from three hundred fifty villages have been destroyed so what will these people do they depend on the land and forest for their livelihood believe that their land is their mother father god we have a deep respect for their land but for now the indian government has kicked out saying the group has violated forest conservation and environmental protection laws that it. while some say india could stimulate its economy by accessing its natural resources the people in this community believe that their land is sacred and they're not going to let any foreign corporations come in and destroy it praful my haji says that vedanta took two acres of his land promised him compensation but that he never received anything and it's not just his communities environment that has been destroyed he says that the actions of the company have damaged the
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wellbeing of local people so there's been an increase in illusion which is led to many health issues. and breathing problems vedanta did not respond to our requests for comment but has said in the past that it believes it can make significant contributions to the people of the area and bring development to the region critics however say that hasn't happened most of the local people that we've spoken to feel that they've had promises made by the company that have just been broken and that they not only have they not received develop. from the company but fundamentally they do not want development in the company all they want is to be allowed to live their lives and pace the confrontation has received attention from high profile figures like movie director james cameron who compared the dispute to a real life avatar vedanta are trying to appeal the decision by the indian government in a bid to allow them to continue their work but for now local people are celebrating
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their victory in preserving their ancestral lands. development and he will not we want to live the way we did. and it seems like they might have the chance to do just that they can say they'll fight for what's theirs no matter who they're up against preassure either r.t. or india. well very shortly we will bring you an unconventional take on the international headlines with joost news before that i'll be back with an update of our top stories this is not a life here in moscow. the. fall. into the.
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back here just to this newest edition juice maybe a series of cracked used journalism with the role of foster this evening with actively don't accept the facts which affect the pursuit was on this internet summit got to give a special welcome to all the ladies and agents from the n.s.a. case you and i five glad you listening in because today is all about sickness and what spreading from the streets.


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